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Pink Mist Sprayers-Pink Lotion Pumps

 2 oz. Pink 20-410 Semi-Translucent PET Plastic Round Bullet Bottle 24-410 Coral Rose Brushed/Natural Fine Mist Pump Sprayer w/ 6 7/16 in dip tube   63 mm Pink Dome Non Dispensing Plastic Jar Cap  2 oz. Pink Light 22-410 Opaque HDPE (BPA Free) Plastic Boston Round Boattle w/ Flip Top Dispensing Cap
24-410 Pink Translucent Ribbed Dispensing Bottle Cap Push-Pull Style w/ .215 in. Orifice 22-415 Fuchsia (Berry) Fine Mist Pump Sprayer 24-410 Magenta Shiny/Natural Fine Mist Pump Sprayer w/ 6 1/8 in dip tube 18-415 Raspberry Non Dispensing Plastic Ball Bottle Cap w/ Valve Seal

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 Pink plastic bottles, pink pet plastic bottles, pink bottle caps, pink fine mist sprayers, pink jar caps & pink lotion pumps are surplus items with limited quantities.

Pink spray bottles & fine mist sprayers in stock and ready to ship.
Pink bottles,  fine mist sprayers & bottle caps have been some of our best selling items.

Pink Fine Mist & Mini Trigger Sprayers
Pink fine mist sprayers in  20-410, 22-415 & 24-410 neck size. 

Pink Lotion-Soap & Treatment Pumps
Pink lotion pumps in 24-410 & 28-410 neck size.

Pink Plastic Bottle & Jar Caps
Pink bottle caps in 18-415, 24-410, 24-415 neck size & pink jar caps in a 53mm, 63 mm, 70-400 & 89-400 neck size.

24-410 Pink Raspberry Translucent Mini Trigger Sprayer w/ Ship Clip (7 3/8 in. dip tube) VOLUME DISCOUNTS

24-410 Pink translucent plastic mini trigger sprayer with smooth finish, natural ship clip & 7 3/8 in. dip tube. Bottle plastic sprayer fit most 24-410 plastic spray bottles.  This sprayer is light duty (thin products) not for thick products such as heavy oils and thick food products.


24-415 light pink pearl lotion pump with lock-down head, smooth surface, 2 cc output & 6 9/16 in. dip tube.  Wholesale prices everyday.
24-415 Pink Light Pearl Plastic Lotion Pump w/ Lock-Down Head, 2 cc Output & 6 9/16 in. dip tube


63 mm Magenta Dome Non Dispensing Plastic Jar Cap Pink plastic bottles in assorted sizes.  Pink bottle caps, pink jar caps, pink fine mist sprayers, pink lotion pumps wholesale at Midwest Bottles.  Buy 1 pink bottle or 100 pink bottles.