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6 oz.White Pearl Opaque HDPE 24-415 Tapered Round Plastic Bottle with Lotion Pump (2 pc set) 35%-40% OFF  

8 oz. Tan Opaque HDPE Reverse Tapered Footed Ribbed Oval 24-415 Plastic Bottle with Bronze Mushroom Dispensing Cap (2 pc set) 50% OFF

8 oz. Blue (dark) Opaque HDPE Reverse Tapered Footed Ribbed Oval 24-410 Plastic Bottle with Silver Dispensing Cap (2 pc ) 45% OFF

6 oz. Beige Light Tottle HDPE 22 mm Plastic Bottle with Dispensing Cap (2 pc set) 50% OFFensing Cap (2 pc set) 30% OFF

11 oz. Purple Light Opaque HDPE Reverse Tapered Footed Flat Sided Decorative Oval 24-410 Plastic Bottle 24-410 Champagne (light gold) Plastic Lotion Pump with Lock Up Saddle Head (6 7/8 in. diptube) 12 oz. Yellow HDPE 24-415 Opaque Reversed Tapered Oval Plastic Bottle 24-415 Lavender Pearl Plastic Lotion Pump (6 9/16

lotion bottles with plastic lotion pumps then you have come to the right place?    Lotion pumps in 22-415, 24-410, 28-410, 28-400, 28-410, 28-415 & 38-400 neck sizes.    Treatment pumps in a 20-410 size.  Bottles and pumps can be purchased separately.    

 Over 33 different lotion pumps & 163 bottles in stock for fast delivery.  
More than 12 colors of pumps in white, natural, purple, light green, green,  black, gold, silver, bronze, dark green,  red metallic,  brown & brown-white. 

We are constantly looking for new lotion pumps and treatment pumps to make your search a little easier and find what you want at an affordable price.  

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22-410  Red Translucent Plastic Lock-Up Treatment Pump 20-410 Blue Plastic Treatment Pump 20-410 Raspberry Metallic Plastic Treatment Pump w/ Raspberry Translucent Hood (5 3/16 24-410  Bronze (gold) Plastic Lotion Pump
20-410  Green (dark) Plastic Treatment Pump 28-400 Black Plastic Lotion Pump 24-415 Green Dark Translucent Plastic Lotion Pump (6 9/16 24-410 Red Metallic Plastic Lock Down/Up Lotion Pump (6 3/4 in dip tube)
 20-410 Black Plastic Treatment Pump (6 in diptube)  24-415 Natural Plastic Lotion Pump (6 9/16  24-415  Silver Plastic Lotion Pump  24-410 Black Plastic Lotion Pump (7 1/2 in diptube) (Stock Item)


 8 oz. Amber, Amber Dark, Clear, Cobalt Blue, Cranberry, Green, Pink or Purple 24-410 PET Semi-Translucent Bullet Round Plastic Bottle w/ Sprayer or Pump (2 pc) 30% OFF-Stock Item

8 oz. amber, amber dark, cobalt blue, clear, cranberry red, green, pink or purple PET semi-translucent bullet round 24-410 plastic bottle.   Plastic bottle is 6 in. high x 1 3/4 in. wide.  Matches our 1, 2 & 4 oz  bullet bottles.  Lotion pumps & fine mist sprayers are included.


28-410 Brown-white lotion pump with ribbed surface, lock-down saddle head, 2 cc output,glass ball, foam liner & 8 13/16 in. dip tube.  Wholesale prices everyday.
28-410 Brown-White Plastic Pump with Lock Down Saddle Head (8 13/16 in. Dip Tube)

Lotion bottle with plastic lotion pump. Lotion pump or treatment pump comes with lotion bottle at wholesale. Plastic lotion bottles with treatment pumps or lotion pumps for making bath products.
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1 gallon of your favorite lotion or liquid soap
Four 1/4 to 1/2 oz. (safe) scents
Four 1/4 oz. dyes
Plastic lotion bottles
Lotion Pumps
Pour one fourth of your lotion or soap into a 32 oz. (1 quart) measuring cup, add one fourth oz. of scent and a few drops of liquid dye depending on smell and color desired.  Thick lotions can be heated a very few seconds on defrost (very low temperature) in microwave.  Do not over heat!  Now you are ready for pouring into lotion bottles.  We offer a good selection of bottles for all your products.

1 gallon makes approximately 

  • (8) 16 oz. bottles of lotion 
  • (16) 8 oz. bottles of lotion 
  • (32) 4 oz. bottles of lotion 
  • (64) 2 oz. bottles of lotion

Scent & dye requirements depend on how concentrated your products are and how you prefer your finished product.