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Amber-Brown Plastic Bottles-Amber Jars-
Brown Fine Mist Sprayers-Brown Lotion Pumps

  24-410 Orange-Bronze Pearl Metallic Mini Trigger Sprayer w/ Bronze Lock (6 7/16 1 oz. Brown Dark 20-410 Opaque HDPE Plastic Boston Round Bottle with Black Non Dispensing Cap w/ PE Liner (2 pc) 55% OFF    28-415 Brown Plastic Lotion-Soap Pump w/ Lock-Down Head, 2 cc Output & 8 5/16 in. Dip Tube   4 oz. Amber 20-410 Semi-Translucent PET (BPA Free) Plastic Round Bullet Bottle
.5 oz. (1/2 oz) Amber Brown 20-410 Cylinder Round HDPE Plastic Bottle w/ Black Non Dispensing Cap 2 pc 45% OFF 4 oz. Amber Dark Plastic Single Wall 58-400 PET Jar (Stock Item) 24-410 Brown Translucent Smooth Fine Mist Pump Sprayer w/ 7 1/4 in. Dip Tube 2 oz. Brown Copper Pearl Flat Sided Oval 20-410 HDPE Opaque Plastic Bottle w/ Natural Sprayer w/ Tinted Hood 2 pc. 45 % OFF

Amber plastic bottles, brown bottle caps, brown fine mist sprayers, amber jars & brown lotion pumps at wholesale prices in stock and ready to ship.

Brown spray bottles & fine mist sprayers in stock and ready to ship.
Amber bottles,  fine mist sprayers & bottle caps have been some of our best selling items.

Brown Fine Mist Sprayers
Brown fine mist sprayers in  20-410 & 24-410 neck size. 

Brown Lotion Pump
Brown lotion pumps in 28-415 neck size.

Brown Plastic Bottle & Jar Caps
Brown bottle caps in 18-415, 20-410, 24-415 & 28mm neck size & brown jar caps in a 70-400 neck size.

70-400 Golden Brown Flat Smooth Non Dispensing Plastic Jar Cap w/ 222 Foam Liner
Golden brown plastic 70-400 continuous thread cap with smooth finish & SS222/ .035" foam liner. Jar closure is 2 3/4 in. wide x 1/2 in.


20-410 translucent golden brown plastic dispensing bottle cap with smooth finish, .265 in. orifice, valve seal & disc-top.  Cap has an orange tint.  Bottle closure is 3/4 in. wide x 1 in. high.
Golden brown plastic 70-400 continuous thread cap with smooth finish & SS222/ .035


18-415 Taupe Non Dispensing Plastic Ball Bottle Cap w/ HS-Pulp Liner
Plastic taupe 18-415 non dispensing continuous thread (screw on) bottle cap with  smooth finish, ball style & heat seal/pulp liner.  Bottle caps for small bottles. Bottle closure is 1 in. wide x 3/4 in. high.